Were GROW Labs. Whats Our Mission? We Defeat Tech Shortage

The Netherlands embrace a history of commercial exchanges and entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurship did not change with the advent of tech, and Amsterdam has become over the past years a hub for tech innovation in Europe. Well, well, well… when the local creativity remains intact, technical issues can happen to be a deal breaker.

Facing the developer’s shortage in The Netherlands

We’re specialized in working with developers and programmers; we are well aware of the pains entrepreneurs can meet when looking for the perfect tech talent that will push the business to the next level. With 18 000 companies launching each year, Dutch entrepreneurship is flourishing, but the truth is, local entrepreneurs are being short-circuited by the shortage of competent and talented developers. As of today, there are 12 000 developers open positions in The Netherlands. With only a few thousands of programmers graduating each year, that gap is not close to being filled.
 Online, you will meet plenty of self-proclaimed developers and programmers introducing themselves as the best and most experienced. The truth is, only a few of them will be able to properly seal the deal, and finding a suitable development team has become for most companies virtually impossible.

Full-stack developers: myth or reality?

Despite being tired of the term, the time has come to acknowledge full-stack developers positively became these unicorns, any successful business dramatically needs to scale-up. When functionality matters when it comes to software development, aesthetic and design remain crucial to create a unique user experience. And rare is the talent able to combine those two skills and to deliver the perfectly designed, well-functioning app or website.
 So many developers argue about their experience, the quality of their deliveries, but how many of them will truly fit the needs of your business? What percentage of them is capable of driving your business in the right direction?

How to differentiate myths and reality?

How to verify, test and know the actual level of quality of your new software development partner? How to pick the best development solution? Where to find this unicorn? These are the questions innovative Dutch companies continuously need to answer knowing that any misjudgment could be fatal to their scaling. That’s when GROW Labs enters the game.

Providing easy access to quality software development

We aim to succeed where recruitment and hiring have failed. For this, we strive to deliver to Dutch entrepreneurs and ambitious Dutch tech companies easy access to international top-quality software solutions by creating a business platform where business creators and tested, validated and certified software development companies can easily connect.
 We are ourselves entrepreneurs and individuals who embrace a deep passion for entrepreneurship. We created GROW labs to ease access for entrepreneurs and innovative companies to the best tech and software development services available worldwide. We love talking to Dutch entrepreneurs, defining their business objectives together, and pushing them to innovation by helping them create a technology plan convertible into RFPs. It’s a creative and challenging process that brings a twist in our daily lives.

Challenging the status-quo

To bring as many (good) options as possible to our clients and partners, we weekly talk to several Software Development Houses (SDH) located everywhere in the world. It’s an enriching process, in which we can interact with skilled and talented programmers but also discover new visions, new working cultures and of course different business perspectives. These SDHs strive to extend on an international level their business network and experience. However, they feel that the language and cultural barrier could be an issue. That’s where GROW Labs takes action by managing this communication for them and bringing a local taste to their business deals.

We believe we need to push our government to change things, to develop the outdated educations methods, and to awake the interest of young talent in technology and web-engineering. If we want to preserve the local entrepreneurship, learning coding should become the biggest priority of the education system. Last but not least, we focus on managing the business in a way that genuinely matches our value. If we do not believe in recruitment, in good business and equal relationships, we trust. That’s one of the reasons, GROW defines itself as a platform connecting ambitious companies and not as a hiring platform. The world has enough of them! We believe in fair business, in over deliveries, in top quality, and we want to establish these values in any business deal GROW generates. Finally, we see collaborations as a critical element to continually create and generate value.

Are you struggling while looking for reliable IT partners? We’d love to hear from you.

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