Top Skills a Virtual Mobile App Developer should have

Who does not dream of a successful business? The real thrill starts once you identify why your business needs a mobile app. The insanely popular Apple app store is home to 1.3 million apps while Google Play hosts 1.4 million apps. In such an increasingly intense and competitive market, coders are required to ensure their apps hit a high number of downloads.

While it is undoubtedly imperative to check the educational background and working experience of a Mobile Application Developer, you must also ensure the App Developer their versatility and ability to build apps that are compatible with any device. 

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Mobile Application Developer?

Your Mobile Application Developer is responsible for translating software requirements into workable programming code to design and build your mobile applications. As much as a specific technical skill set is required, such as the ability to create mobile apps for various operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. ), it is also essential to onboard mobile app developers who are also creative-minded people, able to translate your ideas into successful products.


The entire process of determining your preferred support and device, from conceptualisation to market deployment, can be draining and negatively affect your business. This is where you may start to think if it is better to hire a dedicated virtual mobile app developer.

To start, make sure to answer the following questions clearly: 

  • What are the essential skills of a mobile app developer? 
  • How many time do I want to invest in the hiring process? 
  • Can I judge the quality of each line of code written? 
  • How vital are collaboration and feedback on the success of my project?
  • Where does cost fit into the equation?

Check if the applicant is competent in completing the following tasks: 

1. Continually checking the app's relevance to the end-user and realigning your product with the user's needs.

2. Identifying the primary purpose of your app and focusing on making it as fast and accessible as possible

3. Keeping the app light so that downloading the mobile app does not take an uncomfortably long time, regardless of connectivity challenges.

4. Focusing on these three things - pleasure, usability and functionality by successfully hiding the complexities of the technology behind a simple, engaging user interface
5. Keeping eyes and ears open for consumer feedback and evolving an adequate pace 

6. Building custom experiences for targeted audiences 


Keep the following points in mind before hiring the applicant:

Cost benefits

If the hourly rates of hiring a virtual mobile app developer located in your country of residence are more than you can afford, consider outsourcing your IT needs in a country that offers cheaper rates. 


Ask yourself this simple question: Why should you pay a local developer $100-120 per hour when you can get the same work done for twice less in another country? 

Moreover, your chances of finding the best fit get higher when you open up to applicants located across the world. You need the crème de la crème, an expert that fits the role perfectly and even exceeds your expectations. You will be spoilt for choice as you will be able to choose according to their level of experience, their efficiency in managing project but also the capability of the developers to complete the project. 

Short-term commitment

Short-term commitment may be the most underrated advantage of hiring a virtual app developer: Hiring a developer on a project basis will mean that you, as a company, will increase your ROIs and it will eliminate the costs associated to a full-time hire. 

Establishment costs

When it comes to hiring a virtual mobile app developer, another advantage will be that you will have to bear no establishment cost for the developer working for you. No resources for the development process will have to be employed, and there will be no need to craft a temporary, dedicated setup for developing the app. These factors make it seems ideal to get a virtual developer and save your business from overspending bucks in pulling the said resources.

No office distractions

Working for you in a corporate set up/workplace is not easy for a developer if you are in the food or financial services industry. The reason is that app developers need dedicated space and time to be able to work with full concentration. Moreover, it gets difficult for developers to work in a corporate setup, in which, the operations are anything but technical. App development is mainly a skill-based task, and things like small talk, which are frequent and no big deal in regular offices, may lead to numerous distractions in the developer’s work.

In an already running office, it can be challenging to drive changes and makeshifts. Knowing that you will only need a developer on the short-term, you should spare yourself the high costs associated with a full-time in-house employee. When you hire a dedicated virtual employee, they are already working in an app development setup or an environment where they are comfortable. Such a context, enable them to get things done smoothly and promptly. 


A Mobile Application Developer will be an asset to your business, enabling you to develop mobile apps for multiple operating systems to optimise your market penetration and to maximise your ROIs.  Moreover, you need to hire a developer who shares your vision of creating products consumers will love today and tomorrow. Someone who dreams of hitting a million downloads and envision the whole project in the same way you do. 

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