Off-the-cuff - Meet Krzysztof Korbel

CEO and co-founder of Vimanet, the Krakow native development agency that remodels cloud services  

Even if matching skills is our daily job, we’re always delighted to observe great collaborations emerging via our platform. Vimanet is a GROW Labs certified development agency and just landed a new project with Translink one of our Dutch client, responsible for the locally famous OV-chipcard. The Krakow native agency, who already had a broad scope of international clients across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, UK and US, will handle the digital transformation of this key player in the Dutch market. With great end-products and excellence in customer services, Vimanet aims to become a leader within the software industry and to keep on its international expansion. We caught up with Krzysztof Korbel, CEO and co-founder of Vimanet, to discuss the challenges of the project, innovation as well as the story of the Krakow native agency. 

So.. Vimanet in a nutshell? 

We are a software development agency with a strong focus on web and applications development. Cloud serverless computing let us feel at home as we believe infrastructure should never be limitations to innovation and expansion. We have a broad domain of expertise but primarily work with healthcare and FinTech industries; SaaS, B2B applications, and LOB apps are our bread and butter. 

How do you remain competitive? 

We are quality driven and have ten years of international experience. When we work, we have one objective in mind: delivering the best end-product and always being client-centric. We’re a small team able to adjust to market specificities and to work at a first pace. That makes a tremendous difference and enabled us to keep our clients happy and loyal. 

How do you envision the future? 

Whatever we do, we always keep the concept of digital transformation in mind. Tech innovation has become essential for any business looking to scale-up or to globally expand. We always ensure a high level of professionalism and to remain knowledgeable. We thrive to become an industry leader, and these components are essential to our success. When I say, leader, I do not necessarily refer to the revenue stream or headcount. I instead think of quality and innovation in deliveries. Ultimately we aim to build intellectual property that will enable us to deliver outstanding software at a fast pace. No need to tell you that will also want to expand our business on a geographical level and to enter new markets everywhere in the world. 

As a company, which values do you embrace?

We believe building software is delivering services. Therefore it is vital for us to onboard the right talent. Enthusiasm and knowledge are the core values of Vimanet. When we hire new talent, we equally focus on the hard skills and the soft ones. Personality traits matter, and we continuously look for people with versatile skill sets. Not only should they be great developers who deliver clean and maintainable lines of code, but they should also be enthusiastic and service-oriented communicators to fit our culture. 

Concretely, how do you ensure quality?

We scrupulously follow clean code principles and guarantee that each developer integrates them into the daily workflow. When we onboard junior developers we make sure their work is review by a senior developer, who's then in charge of running a quality check. Securing this workflow ensures that we always meet - and exceed - our clients' expectations. We do not have a dedicated Project Manager as we aim to keep business operations as simple and straightforward as possible. This structure allows us to avoid communication hassles, and therefore to work more effectively. If we ensure the delivery of clean lines of code, we also assure to deliver functional products. However automatic testing is not enough to do so. Therefore we also have a team of dedicated testers onboard who helped us guaranteeing a smooth user experience for our clients. 

What makes you relevant to the European Union market? 

From our early days back to 2007, we focused on the European Union market and looked into ways to expand our business into the US market as well. We have a broad and international team. Everybody speaks English fluently, and no matter what we do, we try to be service and customer oriented consistently. Our job does not only consist of building software, but solving issues our clients face is also equally important. That’s what makes us different and always relevant to any potential new client.
What is more, we integrate practical Scrum and Agile methodologies in our workflow. We focus on two weeks sprints to get clear deliverables and show visible progress. This process enables us to be fully transparent towards our clients and to adjust or change directions to meet the projects needs quickly. 

So, what’s the deal with Translink? 

The whole team is very excited! Teaming up with Translink is an excellent way for us to enter the Dutch market. It’s going to be a massive project that comprises several phases and stages. Translink is deploying a brand new online strategy that involves a 360 degrees rebranding, and Vimanet is going to support them in this transformation phase. They aim for being more interactive and therefore need the adequate tech product to scale up quickly. The first step will be to build a new website for Translink for a smooth transition into the new branding. Following this, our team will create a new B2B communication portal that will support the national and international suppliers of the brand. We are very excited to be part of Translink’s digital transformation, and we are curious to discover how our experience will impact the quality of their services. For us, it is a new challenge, and we could not be more proud. 


Some of the most exciting projects Vimanet landed? 

As I mentioned earlier, we did several projects within the healthcare industry. There are two projects I am particularly proud of. The first one is a platform for a fertility clinic. Fertility treatments are highly legally regulated and involve complicated consents process. It’s a complicated process for both medical staff and patients. We built a platform aiming to facilitate patients care and to improve the communication between the patients and the medical staff. Not only does the platform enhance patients' cares, but it’s also an excellent tool for the clinics and helps them reduce the legal risks by compiling all the paperwork on one single platform. At that point, the platform is available in the UK, and they plan to expand in other Commonwealth countries such as Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. 
The second project is an Internet of things project for the medical industry. Special devices located on hand sanitizers anonymously collects sanitisation data to improve hygiene in hospitals. Sani Nudge, a startup based in Copenhagen designed this project. By the end of 2018, they will have 5.000 devices running across Europe. 
Finally, I am also very proud of the white label solution we built for Hawk Search an e-commerce search engine that helps consumers finding relevant products in any category. This project uses machine-learning algorithm to recommend suitable products based on the combined product purchases. As of today, it is is an excellent tool for any e-commerce business to increase conversion rates. 

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