Most wanted skills in the EU tech scene

Across Europe, many companies have a hard time to find talented professional specialised to the tech industry. The digital age evolves quickly, and any company aiming for success must keep up with the fast-paced trends worldwide. This involves hiring professionals that help them support the change in the digital landscape. The skill demands vary across Europe but also from a country to another.  

For example, big data analysts are high in demand in the UK with 38% of companies suffering from a skills shortage in this area.

With every passing day, new technologies are emerging which create new job categories. A small example of this would be the replacement of system or network engineers with cloud computing experts.

Earlier companies used to hire network engineers. As of today, cloud computing technology is 'the new exciting thing', and therefore these companies aim to hire the best cloud engineers. It makes it clear that when it comes to land a job, staying up-to-date with the latest trending skills is a must in this fast moving market. 

Observing various tech sites and recruiting portals, we spotted the most-wanted skills in the EU:


  • Artificial Intelligence/ Deep Machine Learning

  • Cloud Security/ Cybersecurity

  • Blockchain & Fintech

  • Game development

AI & Machine Learning 

AI and Machine Learning are the technologies that hide behind the innovative applications on the market. From virtual assistants available on your phone at your fingertips to Cybersecurity and online shopping, these technologies are everywhere.

Looking at any major tech centres across  Europe, in cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Stockholm, most innovative brands are looking for AI and ML experts. London is the hub for people with AI skills, shortly followed by Berlin, Stockholm as well as Paris Paris. As a matter of example, Facebook is currently hiring an AI research scientist for their Parisian office. 

“Facebook is seeking a Research Scientist to join Facebook AI Research (FAIR), a research organization focused on making significant progress in AI. Individuals in this role are expected to be recognized experts in identified research areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational statistics, and applied mathematics, particularly including areas such as deep learning, graphical models, reinforcement learning, computer perception, natural language processing and data representation. ”

As the most wanted skill in the EU tech scene, AI incarnates the future, and companies who aim to remain competitive are getting ready and start hiring talent with a skill set that covers every aspect of AI. 


Game Developers 

Clearly, AI is the future of tech but what about the fun part of technology? Don't you worry, game developers are joining the game! Looking at the EU tech scene, you will quickly notice there is a very high demand across Europe for IT talent specialised in game. We surfed through several job portals and recruitment websites, including LinkedIn Premium and Glassdoor. We found plenty of opportunities targeting game developers across the EU.

Game development jobs are not only exciting, but they come with a great range of pros that include career security amongst others. Notice how we said career security but not job security. If gaming is a versatile industry and sometimes let go of talent, they may find a new role very easily when living or targeting the right European countries. Finland happens to be an essential hub of games development where it's very likely for these game developers to find a new role in the blink of an eye. 

Now we're talking!  For these developers,  career security means evolving on a market where game developers are wanted, which also means they will collaborate with the top talent of their country or at least the very best in the industry.


Cloud and Cybersecurity

According to Forbes, talent shortage is a great issue in cybersecurity. Across the past years, tech professionals witnessed the rise of a significant trend to hire cyber and cloud security talent.The strong demand for the cybersecurity personnel is in direct relation to the number of cyber-attacks that happen every day in the world. As cyber hacking is evolving, the companies need to upskill and hire professionals to beef up their cybersecurity teams.

According to the European Commission, half of the crimes perpetrated within the EU member states involve cybersecurity breaches. Such breaches created a strong demand for cybersecurity professionals in the EU market. If these figures are alarming, they also ensure a great future to cybersecurity professionals as the demand for their skills and products will keep on rising. 



Fintech is on the rise for the past couple of years now. Fintech involves the companies that use software and tech to provide financial solutions. This includes asset management firms, online banks, online lenders and mobile payment firms. By introducing disruptive new features and innovations, the industry is paving the way to reinvented financial services, changing one feature at the time the financial landscape on a global level. With $31bn funding received across the industry in 2017 according to CNBC, digital financial services are booming, increasing the demand for developers who master the blockchain technology but also understand the main challenges of the fintech industry.

As the industry gains momentum, the demand for experts with the required skills and experience in the industry keeps on increasing, becoming a market run by candidates as the need dramatically outweighs the supply.

Driven by the desire to cover the needs of younger and tech-savvy clients, the whole industry embraces the digital transformation by deploying fintech assets in day-to-day operations to build stronger brand loyalty, to leverage the brand reputation and to drive more revenue. Next target on market, the generation Y inspires the industry, and every bank or financial organisation aims to create financial products that fit best the needs of consumers who love technology. 


With the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Etherium, Blockchain experts have joined the league of the most wanted developers across the world. 

Taking these factors into account, it is evident that a developer who can work within the blockchain environment and create applications faces a great future and will easily overcome experienced engineers and tech consultants when it comes to revenue. According to Linkedin, France, Germany and Netherlands are the countries where the most Blockchain experts are needed.

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