5 ways tech bots optimise your business

While AI technology keeps on improving, more businesses have chosen to use bots to optimize their overall performance. Tech bots never sleep and enable you to stay connected with your audience without having any direct interferences. Tech bots allow you to automate time-consuming processes and tasks, saving you much time and giving you space to focus on what matters most for your business. 

In 2018, bots are replacing hundreds of hours of manual work that would be better spent somewhere else,  increasing the productivity and output of your team. Not only will you save money, but you will also scale your productivity at a whole new level. This article will guide through the five main opportunities bots can deliver to your business. 

Customer engagement

A survey showed that 83% of online shoppers require support while shopping. These customers may request help at any time of the journey to get a better understanding of the products/services they consider purchasing, to make sure they fit their needs and budget.  
As a matter of example, they may struggle to find the product they are willing to purchase due to navigation issues on the website; they could also have questions related to check-out, delivery or usage of the products or services.

How do you attend to them round the clock so that no customer goes unattended? That's when chatbots come into play and provide, in all situations, a real world like support experience. Over the past years, technology has dramatically evolved to the point where chatbots can question users to get a better understanding of the complexity and the true nature of their queries,  and ultimately provide satisfactory answers.

Making use of AI and bots will significantly reduce uncertainties among the visitors on your website and help ease the user journey. Your website happens to be the first touch point with your audience, and being able to provide support during these first interactions is essential.

On the long run, integrating AI into your website will make a substantial impact on brand perception and make your new, and existing target audience feels safe, guided by a friend they can reach out to on a 24/7 basis. In our digital age, the competition is fierce across all industries, leaving to no brand or business willing to thrive, the possibility to remain passive  Brands must initiate conversations to sustainably bound with their audience and achieve maximum results from visitor interaction. Tech bots smooth these processes by providing a valuable solution to engage with the customers, no matter the industry in which you are operating. 

Optimised customer services

If your goal is to master the art of bots to boost customer engagement, your next step will be to optimise your customer service processes by deploying tech bots.

The “Always-on” customer service approach recently gained traction,  and as of today,  customers expect assistance from any brands selling goods or services online. By integrating bots into your customer service processes, you can supply unlimited support to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

This new kind of services come along with the additional benefit of not hiring several customer service agents. Therefore, chatbots will help you reduce your operational costs by a considerable percentage.

A study by Oracle suggests that 8 out of 10 businesses have implemented AI as a part of their customer service processes or they plan to do so within the next two years. 36% of these businesses integrated bots and AI  to enhance customer services, and another 44% of these companies plan to follow in the upcoming years. 

You can as well implement bots in the after-sales services where the queries will be automatically handled and provide customers with all the information they need. These chatbots can be directly integrated on your website or in your emails to identify queries and to reply accordingly. 

Increasing in-house productivity

Internal processes are an integral part of any business. How much time does your core team spend doing tasks that aren’t a part of their core job responsibilities? Sending emails or searching for relevant reports, this takes away a significant chunk of productivity that is better used on other business matters. 

A study by Harvard Business Review highlighted that project managers spend on the average 54% of their time coordinating administrative tasks. They spent 30% of their time in problem-solving and 10% of their time on strategy and innovation, which leave them with 7% of their time to work on resources development and to engage with stakeholders. Administrative tasks are time-consuming in the daily life of a project manager. If these tasks are necessary, they do not require a  high level of skills and can be easily replaced with tech bots,  implemented to perform these tasks efficiently. 

Apart from being time-effective, these additional advantages are that the bots never get tired or get sick. They overlook essential details while managing the administrative tasks.

54% of the time gained can be invested in a better place increasing the productivity. The same applies to all the other team members who can greatly benefit if the tasks that require a lesser skill level are automated.

Internal Communication

Internal communication is vital in business management. The core team has to stay well connected and updated about the internal and external changes that may affect the company.

Automated alerts about the general performance of the business make it possible to reach out to designed employees when integrated into internal workflows. This integration ensures that the team in charge is always up-to-date. Tech bots can also send out automatic alerts to relevant employees if a malfunction occurs with the targeted equipment. These alerts enable to spot issues immediately and to rectify them at a fast pace. 

Performance Management Improvement

Gartner predicted that by 2018 more than 3 million employees would be monitored by “robot-bosses.” Tech bots in performance management in business is time-effective for team leaders thanks to automated reports rich in insights regarding employees' performance and results. These results include attendance, working hours, tasks accomplished and performance reviews.

Bots can also be programmed to collect feedback from the employees and gather any concerns that they may have about the business. Feedback is shared with employees, and due appreciation can be sent out without delays. By integrating tech bots, a low maintenance performance management is embedded within the business, helping to create a positive-minded environment. 

Wrapping it up

Chatbots are the future. They do not necessarily mean cutting out the value of human resources but getting the best out of the human resources that you have at hand. Tech bots are here to help optimize your business, and it is better to jump on the bandwagon earlier than later.

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